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The best white jeans for men are made from the denim that won't show your drawers—even your red Ronaldo briefs—and come cut slim (because lighter colors make you look wider). Right now our.
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White jeans may be considered ‘out there’ among the canon of men’s staples, but just like black jeans, they’re neutral ground technically speaking, which means they’ll team up nicely.
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To this end, white jeans can be upgraded easily with the addition of an unlined linen blazer and a chambray shirt. Just keep the rest of the outfit in check with details such as a knitted rather than traditional silk tie.

To avoid looking like your legs are melting into the ground, look to combine white jeans with a pair of minimal black sneakers or rich brown loafers for a more sophisticated look on firm footing.

It takes a brave man to pull on a pair of white jeans in public but arguably an even braver one to pull them off. Bright leg coverers have a nasty reputation for exacerbating the appearance of chunky thighs and legs. But for those with a lean build, the flattering way to wear your whites is in a smart slim- or skinny-fit with a minimal break.

Actually a British citizen. And I know what a googly and where silly point is. So yah boo sucks to you. It read like an American just listing British and cricket-y sounding words, but I stand corrected.

Also, now that the weather seems to be taking a turn for the sunny, I really want to go and play some cricket. I would never have imagined an American having ever heard of a googly nor silly point.

I'd kill to play some cricket, I live in Belgium these days and it doesn't really exist, and I used to be a fine medium bowler in my day Weather's been mad the last few weeks but today it's sunny again, at least in the south.

Still way colder than it should be for mid-May though. I'm a little surprised that cricket isn't better-known in Belgium, I'd always thought that British sports were fairly popular on the continent. I guess football is the big one though. They play a little bit in the Netherlands, but unless I find a big crew of Indians or Pakistanis I won't be playing any cricket. I wish they didn't have that near-stigma attached to it. They're classy as fuck, but people will immediately see it as preppy.

It's definitely not a near -stigma, but rather a defiantly full and thriving stigma. Maybe it's regional or class or something, but preppy seems to be the norm from where I'm at.

You must be an east coaster. California reporting in, and everyone you know that dreses that way is a douchebag. Because in the Pacific Northwest I live here too the style of dress is extremely casual. Flannels, denim all day errday, sneakers for everything, T-shirts, etc. Personally, I hate the way people dress here, I find it disgusting. No one gives a fucking shit fuck about how they look. I live in Oregon. Eugene to be exact. What's even better is you took the time to list several brands and places where one could find a pair, along with prices and opinions.

I have a pair of white pants that I always hesitate to wear because I'm afraid of getting them dirty. Depending on if I have a bag or not with me, I'll often have a Shout wipe they're in individual packets, usually with the travel toiletries at drug stores with me, or one of those Tide-to-go pens. I hesitate to use bleach pens because with some blended pants they leave a yellow discoloration if used often enough. I've always wanted to make the jump to white pants but have always wondered this.

I see pictures of people sailing or riding motorcycles in white pants and think they must have to bleach them after every use. Don't wear white pants if you could get dirty. You wear white pants to demonstrate that getting dirty is beneath you. It's a caste exclusive privilege. I have a pair of white shorts on the way, is there any difference in how to wear shorts vs.

It seems to me white shorts are a tad more forgiving in style options due to shorts having a more casual feel in the first place. You're definitely right in thinking that it's much easier to wear white shorts. If you're tan, your legs will immediately provide that much-needed contrast. White shorts are so much more versatile than white pants.

I think you forgot an image on this text: I've been trying to find a very lightweight pair of white pants to pair with a few nautical outfits I want to try, but since I live in the south I'm hesitant to buy heavier fabrics Also, preferably in slim-straight or something more friendly men with lifter's thighs, if possible.

It feels like with white, the margin of error is very slim. Fitting white pants, dark shirt or polo, and matching leather shoes and belt should get you looks. Also in the South here, I've found some good white linen pants at Banana Republic in the past. A rare case that works without being nautical, for tennis, or even paired with a blazer.

Anyone have experience with the white Express Photographer Chinos? I happen to have a gift card there, and may pick up a pair. I have a pair. I don't mean to be presumptuous, but isn't it usually a good idea to unbutton the bottom button? Or is that not the case here since the jacket is comparatively short? I didn't know you didn't button the bottom button on a blazer, but someone on MFA clued me in on it which was after I took this shot.

I think my pants were sagging just a bit since I am really skinny as well, which makes the jacket appear shorter. I am in a battle with it though since the jacket is a shorter jacket I think it looks better overall buttoned, but I try to follow the rules of fashion. Thank you for your advice. Christ, that picture could not get more southern. This is coming from a Georgian.

Kudos, good sir, kudos. I have a pair in seersucker that are my favorite summer pants. They're a little short Express sizes are a crapshoot , so they pair perfectly with a polo and Sperry's. I've been meaning to mention the Photographer Chinos. My wife likes Express for some of her pieces and when I was with her I bought a pair in red.

Loved the fit so much I went back by myself and bought three other colors. You won't regret it. You forgot to mention that blondes will always have a tough time pulling off white. In that entire album, not a single blonde man. James Bond was closest, but even he has short dirty blonde which looks darker hence provides more contrast. I think in general, people with blond hair tend to have corresponding fairer skin, which is one of the problems inherently. However, if someone were to be tan blond hair, I could see it working.

However, you do bring up an interesting point. I'm incredibly busy at the moment, but I'll try and find some examples at a later point. Thanks for your discussion! This was mostly in good fun, but seriously they aren't super practical where I live.

However, linen pants are hella nice in F heat. Thanks for the awesome post! My white pants unfortunately had a disgusting stain on them and were thus discarded Those are damn nice but would be the most I've ever spent on pants, not sure how versatile the white would be. Crew has some and they're not terribly priced. I wish I could afford them: I've never been a fan of darker tops with lighter trousers. To me I feel like I look top-heavy.

Navy jacket and khakis are a bit different. I wear a lot of crispy white tees in the South, for everyday out-and-about, but paired with white pants I just look like a painting contractor. Thanks for the guide, particularly the navy tee suggestion just got a JCrew Factory slim V, which may be the most perfect one I own. Thank you, I bought a pair of really nice white pants a while ago and it's been insane trying to figure out what to wear them with. Do you have to wear them with dark colours or can it just be bold colours in general?

I'm think of getting white pants and wearing them with bright pink shirts, or something like the lightweights shirts on j crew. If you're darker-skinned, you may be able to pull of a brighter bold color, but in general those are hard to make work.

Darker is safer in general. I think there are exceptions as there are to everything , but that is a general rule when dealing with white pants. I don't think it would look good. Black and white contrast sends a very different message than the preppy summery relaxedy vibe of polo and white pants. Hmm, I actually do this combo that the OP stated all the time actually. It's one of my favorite combos. Although I add a slight wrinkle to it and instead of straight white pants, I have some pairs of cream colored pants.

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