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Timberland has a premium collection of men's leather belts, basic belts and fashion belts, wallets and accessories.

Red Fleece Collection Item. The came in a reasonable amount of time.

Leather Dress Belts for Men. Men’s dress belts from Orion Leather are handcrafted using the finest dark and tan leathers, giving your waistline a touch of class for formal occasions and everyday use in business dress.
Western Belts & Buckles for Men - Sheplers / Men's Western Belts. Men's Western Belts. There are products available. Shop by size for fastest delivery Men's Western Belts Brighton Onyx Tapered Leather Dress Belt $ (64 Reviews) Tony Lama Scalloped Leather Belt $
Our men's dress belts are quality made here in America using American tanned it24-ieop.gqde Leather Belts · 10 Year Warranty · Quality Manufacturing · Timeless StylesTypes: Belts, Wallets, Belt Buckles, Tacks.
Western Belts & Buckles for Men - Sheplers / Men's Western Belts. Men's Western Belts. There are products available. Shop by size for fastest delivery Men's Western Belts Brighton Onyx Tapered Leather Dress Belt $ (64 Reviews) Tony Lama Scalloped Leather Belt $
80s -Trafalgar- Mens brown background natural woven cotton and leather belt. Belt features rectangles of woven designs in blue, green, purple, white, yellow, orange and red.
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How To Choose The Perfect Belt For Any Outfit

Shop Brooks Brothers men's belts sale and take advantage of discount priceson a great selection of dress, casual, leather, and cloth belts.

That all said, doesn't mean you can't have fun or display some personality when choosing your belt — here are the options that will cover your bases, without having you look like a grandpa. Trafalgar Easton Calfskin Belt: Allen Edmonds Manistree Brogue Belt: These aren't your typical options, but there's certainly room for them in more developed belt collections.

Elite Survival Systems Cobra Belt: Tommy Bahama Tidal Wave Belt: When it comes to picking the right belt, I want to throw in a disclaimer right off the bat; there is no one perfect belt. Every man has different needs, and depending on the event and outfit, you are going to need several belts in your repertoire to meet the grade. Just as you have different shoes for sporting and formal occasions, belts offer different styles and use.

For example, a woven linen belt is an amazing accessory in springtime when the nautical look is in full swing. A causal woven leather belt looks great with jeans and boots but would be too bulky for use in the boardroom.

And a high-fashion belt buckle might be just what you need to get the attention of a room at a party or red-carpet event but is less appropriate for a sporting game. I always recommend looking at your existing closet and determining what clothes you regularly wear, to get a feel for what belt might suit your taste. But if you are a more active man, you may be asking yourself what options are out there for you. It turns out; there are belts for every man and every conceivable option.

So, long as you have a desire to wear a belt, I know you will be able to find one that complements your physique and outfit.

The right belt will complete your outfit, acting as a subtle yet attractive accessory. Yes, it will hold your pants in place, but it will also make your waist appear more slender, and provide you will a comfortable and supported middle section. This is extremely important for portly fellows, of which, I will be talking to you fellas in a few moments — no man is too big to rock a belt, I promise! The first step in choosing your belt is first to figure out how long should the belt be.

Just as shoes have sizes, so do belts. When trying on a belt, always place the belt over your pants, and allow a few inches of the belt to loop through the first hole. You should aim for two or three inches run of the belt, but watch out for belts that are too long these shoot off from the hip and do not sit right. Remember, no one has any idea what belt size you wear, so leave your ego at the door, and choose a belt that has the right fit.

If you are still unsure or prefer the careful eye of a tailor, you can be measured professionally and have a belt sized exactly to your needs. I cannot stress the importance of trying on belts. You want to get a feel for the belt, and to make sure both the fit and style complement your needs. Belt buckles are another important consideration, and until you try the belt on, you may not know if the belt buckle sits comfortably, or digs into you. Watch out for buckles that pinch at the lip of your pants; this is a sign the belt is too large.

When you go to a tailor he will take your measurements and add an extra two or three inches to create the prefect length for you; in most cases, the sizing adjustment I offered in store, along with trying on a belt, is more than a good head start in finding your next belt.

I find the second hole is comfortable, but the only hard and fast rule here, gents, is not to cut your own hole. The first hole is also acceptable, but I find the third hole is starting to verge into messy territory.

After checking out tons of fashion magazines, I can confidently say it varies, but one common trend is to thread counter-clockwise so that the non-buckled end of the belt is facing left. You want to ensure that you have two or three inches of the belt to loop. A word of caution to our left-handed belt wearers; make the distinction. It turns out that belts that are fashioned in the opposing direction, so the belt faces right, is how women are expected to dress.

For larger fellows, you may be wondering what size is a large belt? You can now find brand name belts anywhere into the 50 and inch region and beyond at specialty stores. Talking about ratchet belts made me realize there are many different types of belts men can wear, and you might be surprised at just how many styles and materials are out there.

This is an exciting time to pick out a style you enjoy, in fabric that compliments your taste and function. Leather belts are by far the most common material offered and are available in synthetic, bonded, full grain, and genuine leathers. But also popular are non-leather options, such as woven, canvas, polyester, and braided fabric belts although these tend to have less longevity than a genuine leather belt. But first, for active men, or men between dress sizes, I highly recommend adjustable belts, which offer lots of wiggle room.

I used to think that ratchet belts were something only older men wore until I tried one on out of sheer curiosity and was pleasantly surprised; ratchet belts are super comfortable and can be adjusted without the need for holes.

Generally speaking, the best size for each type of wear depends largely on what feels right; you could be one size in one brand, and a different size in another. You could also wear a different size with your suit or jeans. Different belts can make you look slender around the middle, and shave inches off your waistline.

Unlike other fabrics that wear away with daily use, leather stands up to a beating and can last decades with nothing more than a touch of polish here and there. The main question you ought to be asking is simple: In a pop quiz, most guys get this one wrong.

Genuine leather is simply the lowest grade that a product can be sold as leather with; these tend to have a lesser quality appearance and will always be the lowest priced of all leather belts. Top-grain leather is the mid-range option and is a great choice for most men. Top-grain leather has a much more attractive and quality look than genuine leather, without the price tag of real leather. Full-grain leather takes the entire grain of hide, with all the imperfections and inherent toughness of the material.

And real leather, as noted, is the highest quality leather you can buy. Pinterest Brooks Brothers Share our passion for seasonal color palettes and styles Visit us on Pinterest. Bedding Collections Bath Home Décor. Gifts For Everyone Gift Cards. As one of our most valued customers, you are part of an exclusive group receiving this special savings. Please present this offer in stores, or shop online using code BCFL My Brooks Rewards Welcome Back!

As a preferred member of My Brooks Rewards you'll enjoy free standard shipping on every order. Product View Options View All prev 1 of 2 next. Red Fleece Collection Item. Striped Cotton D-Ring Belt. Nautical Flag Needlepoint Belt.

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