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Louis is the site of the Wainwright Building , an early skyscraper built in by noted architect Louis Sullivan.

Missouri Association of Counties. The Missouri Association of Counties (MAC) is a nonprofit corporation established to provide assistance to its member counties in matters pertaining to local, state, and federal government activities. Police and Sheriff Contacts. Find the .
Missouri Association of Counties. The Missouri Association of Counties (MAC) is a nonprofit corporation established to provide assistance to its member counties in matters pertaining to local, state, and federal government activities. Police and Sheriff Contacts. Find the .
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Missouri Association of Counties. The Missouri Association of Counties (MAC) is a nonprofit corporation established to provide assistance to its member counties in matters pertaining to local, state, and federal government activities. Police and Sheriff Contacts. Find the .
St. Louis operates as both a city and a county. St. Louis is the only city in Missouri which operates its own
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In some areas, formerly private schools became part of new public districts. In Florissant, the St. Ferdinand School opened in became part of the Florissant School District in , although it continued to be staffed by nuns. The first public school in the newly formed district opened in near St.

Ferdinand and Washington Streets. A new courthouse was built in Clayton in it serves as the 21st-century County Police headquarters. The original courthouse was torn down in to be replaced by county government plaza and modern six-story courthouse. Several changes took place in St. Louis County established the St. Louis County Police Department , with jurisdiction throughout the county.

Louis County was terrorized by three car bombings , which killed two people. The bomber was never caught. In the Board of Freeholders proposed consolidating the county's 89 municipalities into 37 cities, eliminating all unincorporated areas. The vote in June was challenged by numerous groups on grounds questioning the board's constitutional authority. On June 25, days after the scheduled vote would have occurred, the U. Supreme Court unanimously overturned the Missouri Supreme Court , arguing the board's land ownership requirement violated the U.

Constitution's Equal Protection Clause. The county passed the city in population in the U. Census when it had , compared to the city's , Industrial restructuring cost the city many jobs and residents. By the U.

Census the city had fewer people than in the 19th century. In addition, many city and county residents realize that their futures are intertwined: Its health, education and research facilities continue to generate jobs for the entire region, but the city suffers from its small land area and tax base. There could be advantages to merging city and county government, as has been done in other regions.

According to the U. The Missouri River forms the northern border with St. Charles County , exclusive of a few areas where the river has changed its course. The Meramec River forms most of its southern border with Jefferson County. To the east is the City of St. Louis and the Mississippi River.

The foothills of the Ozark Mountains begin in southwestern St. Louis County, with most of the rest of the county being a fairly level plateau. This western part of the county is the least developed, due to rugged topography. A major floodplain area is the Chesterfield Valley , in the western part of the county, along the Missouri River. It was formerly called "Gumbo Flats" after its rich, dark soil; it was submerged by at least ten feet of water during the Great Flood of The Corps of Engineers constructed a higher levee, and the county has permitted construction in the floodplain.

The Columbia Bottom is a floodplain in the northeast of the county at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers; this is preserved as a conservation area open to the public. The Missouri Bottom area between the two other floodplains had been developed for agriculture, but it is being increasingly developed for residential, business and industry.

The River des Peres drains the interior of county before flowing into constructed underground channels into the City of St. It was allowed to resurface, where it forms the boundary between southern portions of St. Louis City and St. The bedrock is mainly limestone and dolomite , and much of the county near the rivers is Karst terrain, with numerous caves, sinkholes, and springs.

No igneous or metamorphic rock is exposed on the surface. A major outcropping of the St. Peter Sandstone formation, a fine white sandstone used for making clear glass, is mined in the southwest corner of the county in Pacific.

Brick clay mining was once a major industry in the county. The Charbonier Bluff along the Missouri River is an outcropping of coal, and was used a fueling station for steamboats. Louis Anticline", an underground formation, has small petroleum deposits in north part of the county. Before European settlement, the area was prairie and open parklike forest, maintained by Native Americans via burning.

Trees are mainly oak , maple , and hickory , similar to the forests of the Ozarks ; common understory trees include Eastern redbud , serviceberry , and flowering dogwood. Riparian areas are heavily forested with mainly American sycamore. By the s most of the timber in the county was harvested. Since that time, large parks and undeveloped areas in the western and southern parts of the county have grown dense forest cover.

Old pastures are usually colonized with Eastern red cedar. Most of the residential area of the county is planted with large native shade trees. In autumn, the changing color of the trees is notable. Louis County has the most recorded native species of plants in the state, but this is probably due to the intensive botanical research done in the area.

Most species here are typical of the Eastern Woodland; but some southern species are found in swampland, and typical northern species survive in sheltered hollows. Invasive species, most notably Japanese honeysuckle , are common in some homesteads converted to parks; these are actively removed.

Large mammals include growing populations of whitetail deer and coyotes , which are becoming increasingly urbanized. Eastern gray squirrel , cottontail rabbit , and other rodents are abundant, as well as opossum , beaver , muskrat , raccoon , and skunk. Large bird species include wild turkey , Canada goose , mallard duck , various raptors like the turkey vulture and red-tailed hawk , as well as shorebirds , including the great egret and great blue heron.

Winter populations of bald eagles are found by the Mississippi River around the Chain of Rocks Bridge. The county is on the Mississippi Flyway , used by migrating birds, and has a large variety of small bird species, common to the eastern U. The Eurasian tree sparrow , an introduced species, is limited in North America to the counties surrounding St.

Frogs are commonly found in the springtime, especially after extensive wet periods. Common species include American toad and species of chorus frogs, commonly called " spring peepers " that are found in nearly every pond.

Some years have outbreaks of cicadas or ladybugs. Mosquitos and houseflies are common insect nuisances; because of this, windows are nearly universally fitted with screens , and "screened-in" porches are common in homes of the area. Populations of honeybees have sharply declined in recent years, and numerous species of pollinator insects have filled their ecological niche.

Louis County has a continental climate, and has neither large mountains nor large bodies of water to moderate its temperature. The area is affected by both cold Canadian Arctic air, and also hot, humid air from the Gulf of Mexico. The county has four distinct seasons. Spring is the wettest season and produces erratic severe weather ranging from tornadoes to winter storms.

Fall is mild with lower humidity and can produce intermittent bouts of heavy rainfall with the first snow flurries usually forming in late November. Winters are cool to cold with periodic snow and temperatures often below freezing. Winter storm systems, such as Alberta clippers , can bring days of heavy freezing rain , ice pellets , and snowfall. The average annual temperature for the years —, recorded at Lambert—St. Louis International Airport, is The average high temperature in July is Springtime March through May , is typically the wettest season, with just under Dry spells of one or two weeks duration are common during the growing seasons.

Thunderstorms can be expected on 40 to 50 days per year. A few of them will be severe with locally destructive winds and large hail , and occasionally accompanied by tornados. The largest natural lake in the state is Creve Coeur Lake. It was originally an oxbow of the nearby Missouri River and is now the centerpiece of a popular county park.

Manchester Road Route follows an ancient path westward out of St. Louis, following the boundary between the Missouri and Meramec watersheds. It is one of only two routes to leave the county without crossing any rivers the other being State Highway T. The Sinks is a karst area in the far northern part of the county, with numerous sinkholes.

As of the census of , there were , people. There were , households with , family households. The racial makeup of the county was There were , households out of which The average household size was 2. In the county, the age distribution of the population shows The median age was 38 years. For every females there were For every females age 18 and over, there were Louis County is the most affluent county in Missouri. As of , the largest employment sectors in St.

Louis County are education and health It is home to the eighth-strongest market for technology hiring, and the world's largest concentration of plant science Ph.

Louis County Economic Council is the economic development agency of St. Louis County, and it is operated under the authority of the St. Louis 13, employees , and SSM Healthcare 12, employees.

Louis County is well below the national rate of 7. Some sections of West County are inhabited by pro athletes, professionals and new wealth, creating a large area of high-income residents. West County is home to two major shopping centers: Mid County is made up of the central and eastern portion of St.

The bulk of Mid County lies just west of the City of St. Ann , and Overland. With access to Interstate 70 and Interstate 44 to the north and south of Mid County, access to Interstate and Interstate on the west and east and Interstate 64 running through the middle of Mid County, the area is never far from highway transportation. The closest major mall to Downtown St. Other popular areas are The Loop on Delmar Blvd. Clayton is also known for its wide variety of local shops, boutiques and original restaurants.

The population is one of the most diverse in St. Public transportation has been beneficial to North County and was the first area of Metro St. Louis served by the metropolitan rail system, MetroLink. Residents of some communities, such as Bridgeton and Hazelwood, sometimes distinguish themselves from locations further north by labeling their area as "Northwest County. Louis County is not only diverse in racial makeup but also by socioeconomic means.

Some of the inner-ring suburbs located between Interstate 70 and Interstate along the city-county line show past and current signs of white flight. North County is an area that has been very affected by "Redlining" real estate laws of the past.

While largely populated, much of South County is unincorporated. Major communities in South St. Louis county and neighboring Jefferson County. Many communities have an abundance of gently rolling hills. There are a number of attractions within South County including the Ulysses S. Louis County owns and maintains more than forty parks as part of its county park system, including playgrounds and nature preserves.

It also operates several recreation centers, the Museum of Transportation , and the Affton Community Center. In addition to parks owned by St. Louis County, the county is home to three Missouri state parks: Grant National Historic Site.

Several municipalities in the county also own and maintain their own park systems. Louis County government is divided between executive power vested in the County Executive of St. Louis County and legislative power vested in the St. The current county executive is Steve Stenger , who was elected November 5, The county executive's term is four years without term limits, and the position is elected by the population of the entire county.

The council consists of seven members elected from separate districts within the county, with four year terms beginning on January 1 following elections. Louis County became the first Missouri county to adopt a home-rule charter under the Missouri Constitution , and the current charter was adopted by voters on November 6, Louis County Police Department operates under the authority of the St. Eighty-one of the local towns run their own courts. Louis County Fire Department services are provided by 20 municipal fire departments and 23 fire protection districts.

Louis County government, while the municipal fire departments are funded through municipal taxes and are administered by their respective cities.

As of March , there were , registered voters in St. Louis County, down from , registered voters in April It was one of only three counties in Missouri that Democrats won in the presidential election and one of only four to do so in For Democrats in St. In total , votes were cast for Democratic Party candidates and 95, votes were cast for the Republican Party candidates. In the presidential primaries, out of 36, votes cast in the Republican race, Rick Santorum came in first with Only 14, votes were cast in the Democratic primary, and incumbent President Obama won In the presidential primaries, with , votes cast in the Republican race, Donald Trump narrowly won with John Kasich had In the Democratic race, with , votes cast, Hillary Clinton won with As of the elections, of the five senators who have residences in St.

Of the 28 representatives elected to the Missouri House of Representatives , 19 are Democrats and 9 are Republicans. Louis County is provided by 24 school districts , private schools, both a unified public library system and several municipal libraries, and several colleges and universities. School districts operating within St. Louis Public Schools that allows county residents to attend magnet schools in the city of St. In addition to public school districts, several private schools operate in the county.

The community college system provides instruction leading to the associate of arts and associate of science degrees. Louis County, representing the four sub-districts of the JCD and elected periodically by district voters for staggered six-year terms.

Louis and the surrounding counties. The public bus system in St. Louis is not a city operation. Louis County Executive, and St.

Clair and Madison Counties in Illinois. By tradition, the Mayor appoints 2 of the Missouri commissioners, and rotates with the county executive for a 3rd slot.

Louis and in St. Louis County east of Missouri Highway Three members are appointed by the Mayor and three members are appointed by the St. Both the mayor and the president of the board of aldermen sit on the East-West Gateway board, as well as one City of St Louis resident appointed by the mayor.

Was this page helpful? I was looking for: Keep the feedback coming! Consists of 28 Aldermen. Each elected separately from 28 wards to four year terms. Every two years, half the aldermen are elected. Also serves as a member of the Board of Estimate and Apportionment. Mayor Lyda Krewson The Mayor is the city's chief executive officer. Has power to appoint major department and bureau heads and members of city boards and commissions. Does not have a vote in the Board of Aldermen, but does have power to veto ordinances.

Is elected citywide to a four year term. Of the city departments, 22 are under the authority of the Mayor. The office is responsible for all accounting, payroll and auditing functions.

Controls the city budget and sets the budget ceiling. Consists of three citywide elected officials: Organization Chart for City of St. County Functions Because the City of St. The Circuit Clerk also handles and accounts for the funds generated from Circuit Court fees. Historically an elected office, now appointed by Circuit Judges. The License Collector issues 60 different types of licenses. State Statutory Agencies A few additional agencies have been created and are under state statutory authority, not under the mayor's office.

Board of Election Commissioners , appointed by the Governor of Missouri, runs elections, registers voters, and processes petitions within the City of St.

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The St. Louis County Council meets on Tuesday evenings at p.m in the County Council Chambers, 1st Floor, 41 South Central Avenue in Clayton. The only exceptions are recess weeks (3/20 7/10, 10/30 and 12/25 and the meetings on 7/3 and. - The place to find City of St. Louis government services and information. St. Louis County, MO Real Estate & Homes for Sale Homes for Sale in St. Louis County, MO have a median listing price of $, and a price per square foot of $ There are 5, active homes for sale in St. Louis County, Missouri, which spend an average of 52 days on the Date: Oct 14,

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